Writing is more than a verb

It is more than a passion

More than a way of life

It is life itself

Throughout time people write

Some made writing other use it

It tells life stories

Helps people

It makes life easier than words

It is chromesthesia or rather

the closest we will ever be

to its furthered vision

Through writing we can say things

That are voice cannot

There lies true emotion within words

Without seeing a face we feel the power

The power of this

The power of others feelings

No words need be said

No sense need be made

Writing is and will always be

The faceless and soundless speech of the strong

The weak, the smart and everyone who knows

I write to explain and express

Simple yet so complex it makes me

Makes me a person no one sees

This person no one sees is me

Yet not

Who am I?

Writing is the journey to figuring out

Those are my writing those are my why's


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