That Wretched Dragon


Well she’s not your average little girl

She doesn’t see things in black and white

And most of the time she lives in her own little world


Just like every little girl

She wants to be a princess

And her daddy is her prince

Her knight in shinning armor couldn’t slay that wretched dragon


She thinks she lives in a kingdom

But it’s so cold and the walls are all white

And somehow she manages to go to bed smiling every night


Her hair is all gone

Death is knocking on her front door

And every other day she asks her mommy, “Why me?”


One day she so weak

The doctors ran in and did all they could do

It took everything she had with one single breath

She looked up to her mommy and daddy and said, “I love you.”


That little girl, she doesn’t live in her own little world anymore

She no longer sees things in Technicolor

And her daddy never slayed that dragon

The dragon slayed her


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