The Wrecking Crew

The supervillain team called the Wrecking Crew is terrorizing the fans of President Donald Trump;

Those villains are asswipes and chumps.


When the Defenders find out what the Wrecking Crew is doing, they search for the villains, which is true;

The Defenders are going to stop the Wrecking Crew.


When the Defenders find the Wrecking Crew and the villains see them, they try to attack the heroes;

The Hulk delivers a thunderclap to knock down the foes.


Dr. Strange uses his magic to pick up the Wrecking Crew's leader, the Wrecker, and slam him to the ground, as you can see;

The Sub-Mariner picks up Thunderball and slams him to the ground and I'm speaking honestly.


The Silver Surfer uses his cosmic energy to shoot Piledriver and Bulldozer, which is cool;

Those villains are also fools.


When the Wrecking Crew is defeated, the Defenders call the police, which is great;

The Wrecking Crew is full of hate.


President Trump's fans thank the Defenders for saving them, which is polite;

They're glad that the Defenders had beaten the Wrecking Crew in a fight.


When the police arrive to arrest the Wrecking Crew, the Defenders go away;

The Defenders are awesome and that's all I have to say. 


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