Wrapped in Red and Blue

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Wrapped in Red &Blue


Ask a child what he heard on the TV today

And he may look at you and say

“TV man said local school shooting today

TV man said all guns should go away,

So crazy men won’t take guns to play”


Acts of violence linked to levels of insanity

But its true nature stems from our society

Men and woman born onto a current already flowing,

Attempting to swim against it without even knowing


Keep me blind, Keep me blind

Ignorance is bless and I don’t mind


Now that I’ve grown older the news anchor doesn’t sound the same

As I’ve come to understand what role we play in the political game

Pursuit of Happiness, Life and Liberty

Turned into increase crime and poverty

Our founding fathers ideas and values gone to waste

Since our leaders pallets have acquired a new taste

Ingesting power with a side of greed

Acquiring assets they don’t really need

Jail houses filled with citizens are simply reflecting

What we have been mindfully neglecting

Increasing cost of living and education

Adding obstacles without compensation


Keep me blind, keep me bind

Ignorance is bliss and I don’t mind


So dress me up in red and blue

And I’ll take your words to be true

Reframe and tell me what I need to hear

And I’ll forget what I’ve come to fear

Capitalize on your interest, don’t you worry about me

Because I’ll enlist and be all that I can be

So ship my friends and me across the sea,

To fight on other sovereignties

We’ll pull our trigger till we can’t pull no more,

You can lay hidden behind your bedroom door

Send us back in caskets wrapped in red and blue,

Caskets wrapped by me and you


Keep me blind, Keep me blind

Ignorance is bliss and I don’t mind


Our government, like the ocean is close to home

Yet 95%of its depth, remains unknown

If you stare at the surface you might just never know,

Discovery is dependent on how deep you’re willing to go

Remember the deeper you go, the darker it is,

Don’t be startled at what you find in the abyss

For the life there is financially rich and morally poor,

A species lacking virtue and ethics at its core

Blindly making nation tearing incisions

And committing to deconstructive decisions

Decreasing our countries and earths potential

While increasing the socio-economic differential


Keep me blind keep me blind

Ignorance is bliss and I don’t mind



National talks packed with powerful speech

Impacting its listeners and extending its reach

Words wrapped in patriotic red and blue

Words that seldom ever lead to be true


Keep us blind, keep us blind

Ignorance is bliss and it’s apparent we don’t mind







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