The fire in my body to cuss him out is lighting up, it feels like I have to pee after drinking 2 big gulps at 7 11 . But it's anger of lies and the fact of being right and betrayed disrespected and every kind of emotion a guy can put a young girl through. He broke my spirt and didn't leave a bruise, it was open heart surgery and now is reopen ing the wounds of Tony,Jelly and Roland. He's taking his lie full knife and ripping back the yarn of stitches I had once repaired myself. But who knew what lies his light brown eyes told and lips that was controlled by his inner ventriloquist spoke did nothing. But I believed, how can something so sweet do this to me I've showed him a side of trust happiness and loyal I removed the veil so that he can see I'm not a bitter woman I am weak torn down by lies but is still strong enough to hold my grounds. but now the cement floor I walk on crumbles under me because the power my ancestors gave is being dragged from under me due to your sweet touch and unbearable kiss that I can't resist. So I sit and wait for someone great to fix this shit but till then ill be sowing up my own shit.


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