Would you say?

I'd say this world is falling. 

Destruction called progress.

I'd say these towers , getting higher, spreading wider...

are toxic, poison.

I'd say that damage can't be ignored.

I'd say the green outside was better than the green in our pockets.

I see money make money and money make greed.

I see greed fuel evil

I see evil kill everything.

I watch as the cement takes over and walls form.

I see walls in people form with them.

I see as culture changes to hate and gossip,

everything is falling apart.

Trash is now a problem in the streets and in our mouths.

This world falling faster.

War after war.

Deforestation after Deforestation.

Rape after Rape.

Poverty fueling poverty.

I feel lost. 

In a world we say is growing.

Technology is exploding.

Yet where is the love, the purity.

We become more cold, more distant, and more like what we are creating.

I see the last hundred years change everything.

What happens when natural selection turns into technological prevention.

When life becomes altered and compassion is haulted.

I see cars fill the streets, I look at oil tanks by the schools, I hear the crime on the news, and I think.

What is our culture?

Where is the love, why isn't it projected. 

When did media really actually become our reflection.

Why do people think things but not say them.

I'm a dreamer, a believer.

I hopes and goals, passions and desires.

But I can't help but think about the future.

The world I'll bring my babies into.

The world I will be trying to get through.

I'm praying and trying, but it isn't gonna make a change if people keep lying to themselves.

We all contribute to a problem.

A cement world with cemented problems.

I'd say it's to take a step back.

Rethink and rediscover 

what really matters.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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