Would You Love Me?


Would you say "I love you"

If the sun didn't shine?

If the wind didn't blow,

And you stayed silent,

How would I know?


Would you love me

If teeth grew from my forehead,

Or my hair fell out,

Or my eyes were a fiery red?

Could you love me

If I was a beast?


Would you stutter if I asked you...

A-asked you 

If your love was true?


Would you hide in a corner and

Say to yourself "iloveheriloveher",

Your words only a soft purr?


Would you, could you

Love me?


Under all of these circumstances?

And if we couldn't be, would you still

Love me?


I could say "I love you" if

The sun didn't shine or

The wind didn't blow.


And if I was dead?

Would you love me?

Could you love me if my lungs were


And I could not

Say "I love you" back?


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