Don’t you ever sit and think?

That maybe it’s time you let go,

Let go whatever blocks your relationship.

Be whom you were meant to be

A mother

Not just a mother, her mother

Don’t you think she’s hurting?

Maybe because she doesn’t have a father

Maybe because she already gets a lot of hate out there

You were supposed to be the peace in her violence

But all you do is spark chaos

What’s blocking your vision?

Just look at her

Can’t you see her eyes?


Like tomatoes


Like she just got stung by a bee

Eyebags day after day,

People are starting to forget what she looked like

She hasn’t had any sleep in days

Don’t you for a second think that maybe it’s your responsibility?

Or is it all mothers?

Have they all evolved

That their daughters’ and sons’ tears don’t make them feel anything?

Can’t you see her falling apart?

Can’t you tell from her weight?

Her bones protruding,

Almost poking through the skin.

Her skin so thin,

You can literally count her veins.

Can’t you see how broken she is?

Have you seen her grades lately?

Or do you not care at all

Because even the blind can see

That the only A she’s giving is the blood type in her veins

Yet she’s an honor’s student

So smart that even her teachers call her a genius

But you take it so casually

Like it’s a norm to play one’s skin like a violin

Or does it not bother you a tad

Seeing her shred it like paper?

You make her feel like her birth was a big mistake.

If it was, maybe it was yours and not hers.

Why don’t you step up

Why don’t you show her what it means to be loved

Did anyone ever hurt you?

Or why you so cold?

Even when all she tries is to build something

All she wants is you to be her mother,

Make it right!




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