The Would-Be Queen

Wed, 08/09/2017 - 02:19 -- padfoot

I'm so understated

Glass slipper?

I mean, so overrated

Cinderella this, Cinderella that

but you never hear about Drizella

What's up with that?


I watched and I waited

and finally achieved

my very own chance

to meet Prince Charming


Spent my entire life

being poked and prodded

by a mother who not once

only to be ultimately defrauded


My one chance at love


by a girl who speaks to rats

in rags and cloths


I was bred to be a queen

by a mother so old and mean

Yet Cinderella got all the fame

Heck, even Lucifer was given a name


At least I was given

this one opportunity

to finally talk about me

and tell my own story

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