Worthy Endeavors

Your eyes see through me, my heart, it .

With a grin, your countenance soothes,
tempers my sea of flames.
Motionless, in petrified awe,
my soul trumpets to the
heaven's, your alluring,
delicate perfection.
Reverently in awe I
supplicate before your effigy.
Beseeching thee for a
mere moment of embrace.
Intrigued, you appease
my base & unfit worthiness.
With incertitude you
implore that I render forth
compelling justification.
Arising before you,
I stoutheartedly declare,

"I would satiate & bring your body & soul
to peaks of pleasure
yet to be discovered. Writhing, squirming, holding you against me.
Until arching back
your exquisite body,as orgasmic waves of Divinity swell within your loins.
Bellowing forth, lost languages are expelled from your throat, in timid tones of voice.
Draining & filling you simultaneously.
Until in utter defeat & victory, you collapse upon my chest, our hearts in unison, your fears, concerns, & struggles, released & cleansed.
From core to



Compelling justification?That's the worthy endeavors?


I do not claim what the worthy endeavours are, nor do I state what justifications are compelling enough. The reader can extrapolate or choose anything they want.

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