Dear Depression, 

The darkness is seeping in my pores.

It is seeping in and suffocating me.

No more breathing for me. 

 I cry and wait for someone to hear.Nobody does. My cries are worthless.I am worthless.  I stop, take a breath, and continue.Unitil I can not breathe anymore.  I fight, not that it is really worth it, because I am not getting anywhere.  Stop, deep breaths.  Deep breaths do not help this time, because the tears will not stop.They keep continuing until I can not see.Where are the tissues?! No tissues, just stop.  I stop. I breathe again.  The darkness seeks me again."Hello there, let us be friends."No, I do not want to be friends. Too late...  "Friends forever?"No, I want to go home."No, friends forever." I cry and the darkness smiles, for it has done its duty. I want to die, the darkness laughs, it is doing its best job.  I speak up, darkness is mad, I have hurt my "friend".  I feel bad again; darkness smiles, I cry.  Is this how the world is supposed to be?This merry-go-round with darkness?It must be.  Darkness and I, we are friends right?  No. Darkness is not my friend.Darkness is my nightmare.He comes in a makes me want to stop,but the light, He should be my friend, right?  I am not good enough for the light.The light is life.Life is not for me, right?Darkness? Friend? Darkness and Light seems to battle for me every chance they get,and I am stuck in between, crying for help.  Crying for help,yet my cries are worthless.They mean nothing,because I am nothing.

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