Life is fantastic

I have no complaints;

Bills paid on time,

Left with money in the bank;

A car to get me from here to there,

Plenty of stylish clothes and shoes to wear,

All these things are good, yet I must confess,

Life being awesome isn’t because of what I possess;

On my face, I’m able to feel the cool winds blow,

Climb the hills of the mountains in the depth of the snow,

Smell the dew of the rain, when it’s yet to come,

Hear the distinct echo of the drummer’s drum,

Lookers still transparent, when visionless they could be,

All my faculties are viable because of those twins—grace and mercy;

Wherefore, by now I’ve come to understand

That I have proprietorship over whether my life is seen as insignificant or Grand;

The life of the Queen or the life of the pauper,

Isn’t all my determination on which road I’ll saunter,

I’ll take a breath of fresh air over something tangible any day,

Because what’s life if we don’t appreciate the little things in a very big way?

So yes, Life is AWESOME and it couldn’t be more perfect,

‘Cause I’ve learned to focus on things which matter

And not those things which are worthless!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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