Tue, 01/13/2015 - 03:56 -- Tomatoe


"Worthless: (adj) 1. Having no real value or use." Thanks dictionary,

For telling the definition of what I thought I was. But now I see,

That that clearly is not me.

I used to wake up hating myself,

Comparing me to everyone else.

Then one day I realized.

I'm looking at me through the wrong eyes.

I should be looking at me, through my own.

That moment made me realize something I should've known,

That yes I have flaws, that I'm perfectly imperfect,

But that's every human isn't it?

I'm flawless, not for the reason that I have no flaws.

No, the reason is because.

Because I have scars and imperfect skin.

Not because I try to fit in,

But because I naturally stand out!

Because instead of talking, I teND TO SHOUT!!

Because I look for opportunity instead of dread.

Because, maybe I don't make up my bed...

But I'm creative and know how to make people laugh.

So what if I'm bad at math?

So what if I'm not good at everything? I can fail with grace.

And laugh it off when I fall on my face.

I know I'm not good at everything.

But that's why I'm imperfectly flawless,

And not perfectly worthless.


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