Worth the Wait


United States
32° 43' 0.2784" N, 96° 32' 46.7376" W

Honey-tongued devil, words so sweet
He once said he'd "wait for me"
That was the plan, indeed, waiting
But he would go if I wasn't ready to please
He left so fast, he was in such a hurry
But, I attempted to not worry
I soon felt a kick, a large one indeed
I was in pain, in dire need
My mind would whisper while my lips wouldn't move.
I needed him then, I needed him soon.
A father, of course, he couldn't be,
He can't love her, he won't love me.
A stand for one night I refuse to be,
You can love someone, I'm here, love me.
That moment wasn't special, I fret at the thought
Of you not staying. Who would've thought?
Eternally a pair, with plans to conquer the world,
Now you refuse to even touch our baby girl.
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting,
This is what we could've done
Great thing we didn't have a daughter AND a son.

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