Worth It

Sometimes I wonder
How you can manage to make me feel
So much of everything
The tears
The heart wrenching sobs
The shaking that wracks the frame of my body
The realization that I don't know what I'd do without you
And even when I question myself in the dark
A whispered
"Why do I feel this way?"
The simple yet complex answer is
Because I love you
I love the way you make me feel
Even if sometimes it's terrible
Twisted, scary feelings in my gut
That all root from fear of losing or hurting you
Because it's more than enough
To get to have clammy hands
To be able to grin widely
Even if its alone in a quiet dark room
Because you're worth it
Because I love you
To want to have this torturous existence
Of being with someone that I can't be with
A person that isn't tangible in a physical sense
A human that I wish that I could just
Grab the back of their head of
To pull close
To kiss
To have so in my space
That I won't remember what it's like to breathe
I want everything and all of it so much
That I don't care if I have to worry myself sick
Because it's worth it
Because I love you

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