The world's second most incestious town

In the world's second most incestious hostel

there lives a family,

Due to the misconception that

home is sweet home

They have all come here

To run away

to find - to rebuild - to destroy

One big family

Brothers and sister living a door in between 

Here we all share the same floor, kitchen and


In the world's second most incestious town

Cousins come by everyday.

We breathe the same air, see the same distant flame in everyones eyes.

Cant stay here

Home where will become wherever the sky becomes to familiar,

to sweet

In the most incestious town, the air is corrupted.

The young lungs are to pure to inhale the air - But in the second incestious town

everyone smokes

It is a family thing, a traditon.

In this town actions echos,

Keep it within the family,

This town is small enough, it contains to few people to spread

Here, we fill out empty pages with a temporary lies 

Screaming out all the freedom until we become trapped by the deflation

of our bodys.

The nature is what binds us to this family.

She grows, forgives, carries enough fury to darken the sky for days

And gives us open skies all summer

Her catch? She stays here - and only here.

We who

follow her, are chained to this town until

We wake and realize the person next to us in our beds really isint a

brother or a sister

But a person, of new color and voice.

This poem is about: 
My community


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