World's Greatest Mother

When mom talks with me, all that I can hear

Is the sweetness of her voice, and how she sounds sincere.


I’m glad for the special friendship that we are lucky to share

The way we treat each other; with kindness and with care


Spending time with mom is a hobby that is mine

Each second that I spend with her is wonderfully divine


Sometimes we have our issues,

Based on actions and words we choose


But no matter what I may do, no matter what I might  say,

Just know that I love you each and every day!!

-Emma Mayo (May 2016)


Each year as I get older, I  can see more and more

All the things my mother does, every little chore


I appreciate her and love her with all of my heart

She’s been with me all along, right from the  very start


My mom is a superhero, completing  each and every task

Mom, can you help me? Need I even ask?


My biggest wish is to become more like her

She’s an amazing cook, an excellent chauffeur


My mom is one that I greatly admire.

She chooses her words and actions to inspire.


She teaches me to be the best that I can be

The very thought that she loves me feels me with glee.

-Emma Mayo (May 2017)


This poem is about: 
My family


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