The World's Greatest

You know Oprah wasn’t the only one who had to fight

Because all my life I had to fight

I’ve had to fight the evil glares of people judging me

All because of my kinky hair,

People staring at my curvy hips

And the worst were the people laughing at my Mississippi lisp

So all my life I had to fight

I’ve had to fight my self-destructive thoughts

Convincing myself I’m not pretty enough, smart enough, good enough

Not tall enough

Not skinny enough

Not light enough

Then I realized enough is enough

I was tired of being misunderstood

Just like the kid in the wood

My mother tried to console me

Whenever she saw me sad and lonely

She would say “Baby, trouble don’t last always”

But no one could seem to tell me the expiration date

So in spite of my predicament

I decided to look up to Spike Lee’s better judgement

And to “Do The Right Thing”

And that was to love me for me

Love me for my deep brown eyes

Love me for my brick house thighs

Love me for awkwardness

Love me for my loudness

And most of all love me for my country accent

So like Muhammad Ali stated

“Im going to float like a butterfly and allow my words to sting like a bee”

And today I stand here as the world’s greatest

And that’s because I love me for me

Now I challenge you to take the title

And learn to love you for you

Love yourself for who you are and love yourself more for who you are not

Love yourself because until you love you no one else will

So take the challenge, fight the battle, and win the war

And learn to love yourself

No matter how your opponent presents itself


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