worlds gone rotten

i wake up in the mornings with a smile on my face

that is suddenly erased

the moment i step foot onto my school campus

the people that surround me

couldnt give a damn about me

they just look like like their life is discrased 

they dont care about you

but they care what you do

and they care what you wear

but, they dont care about you

see, as long as what you do doesnt effect them

they go on with their day

fake smiles all over the place

and such hatred for our human race

except thats not how we should live

and i seem to be the only person who understands that

cause i care about you

and what you do 

if it doesnt effect me i dont give a damn

i will reach out my hand 

and lend you my life

i will try to help you survive 

i will make you realize

that you have a purpose thas youve almost forgotton

but its not your fault this worlds gone rotten



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