The world,,,,does this make sense

I took my colour an painted it on

What should I be today

I could be brown I could be black

I could be white or even grey 


But will it hide just who I am

will it help with what I do

all things about me haven't changed

I am still me ,through and through


Must it be then just my colour

that I must seek to hide

my feelings for my fellow man

havent changed or hurt my pride


If my colour choice determines

when it comes to join a clan

will make me any better

will make me a rounded man


Or am I now too old for this

which road should now I walk

If answers then are needed

perhaps now is the time to talk


There are two sides to a coin

a tail,and of course a head

but the value still remains the same

whatever else is said





This poem is about: 
Our world


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