A World Without My Sister

I sit on the desert with my face buried in my knees as the sun mocks me with its scorching heat while the smooth sand cooks my thighs.

The sea of everlasting sorrow hugs my sister’s scrawny corpse as her hazelnut eyes stare up to the apathetic clouds.

If her soul was still dwelling in her heart, she would softly kiss my forehead which would feel like a cool breeze caressing my face.

If her soul was still jailed in her heart, she would hug me tightly, but instead of being warm it would be as brisk as a summer day.

If her soul was never liberated from her heart, I would not be having enriching dreams of death.

But, now there are no more jokes whispered in my ear as my giggles echoes the sky.

Only my sobs will resonate within the silence.

But, now my mind is withering away with my hope and my soul.

Only a memory of her smile will stay.

But, now my heart shrivels to a speck between my two lungs.

Only my vast love for her will squeeze itself into it.

Without my sister I am nothing, but dead meat to vulture.

I look up at my sister. Her pale skin glistens from the drops of saltwater while I sit on the desert with nothing to do but to burn.    

This poem is about: 
My family


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