A World Without Abuse


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A World Without Abuse

We live our lives from day to day,
There is always something that takes our breath away.
Hearing those stories about death and despair,
It amazes me how people just don’t care.
Innocent people are abused,
Just for a cruel other to be amused.
A world without pain.
A world without suffer.
A world where it doesn’t matter who’s tougher.
How would this world be without abuse?
We could kiss our loved ones goodbye,
Without having to give a worried sigh.
Our dictionary would be smaller,
Because there wouldn’t be words like “Slaughter”.
We would watch the news,
And not have to count the murders by two’s.
We could laugh with our families and friends,
Without a sad thought in the back of our heads.
There wouldn’t be jails,
Because there wouldn’t be anybody to put in those cells.
There would be no wars.
There would be no weapons.
Just another peaceful day and happiness by the tons.
We could look forward to a new day,
Instead of another hurt “okay”.
So with that, lets get to that world bit by bit,
And let us never ever get hit.
Lets get to that heaven and lets make this world a better place.

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