A World to Win

We have a world to win

So stand up with pride

Without women

the world would collapse from the broken stilts on which it stands

We are tired of discrimination, harassment, and insecurity

We are fed up with this misogyny

We are tired of the wage gap

doing the same exact work but still earning less

We are tired of comments that crush our dreams into dust:

a girl can’t be an athlete, can’t be a leader, can’t be angry

We are tired of being told we have to be elegant and dainty

being constantly judged on our appearances

We are tired of being told that we belong in the kitchen

doing chores all day long and taking care of children

We are tired of being told that we have to depend on men

When the great whirling winds of a hurricane come

Shrieking and causing chaos

Destroying the heart of our country

Herding us toward a common goal

a common threat

Making us stronger and united

We chant together in unison

Endless words filling the air

We have a world to win

We have a world to build
A world that treats humans as humans
No wage gap
No stereotypes that crush our dreams
Nobody telling us what we can’t do
Women leading us, showing what we can become
Women teaching us how to ignore the hate
Mothers guiding us through life’s ups and downs
All of them inspiring us to rise and take action

So, thank the women in your lives
And imagine a life without them
We have a word to win
The time has come for you to join us.

This poem is about: 
My country


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