The World We Live In


Is there ever going to be a difference in the way we look at one another?

Are we ever going to love one another?

When will we stop criticizing one another and grow up?

Who are we to judge one another by the clothes we wear, how we appear, and who we befriend with?

Don’t justify me by my outer shell; you don’t know how I’m feeling or what I may be going through

When are we’re going to quit the violence killing our own kind

Kids killing each other. 13 year old figures he’s man enough because he’s sporting a gun

Parents indulging in their chidren non sense, prowling them on. What type of parents are you?

Teen girls walking around pregnant, wearing it like it’s the new style or trend.

Their sleeping with every boy they meet because they whisper sweet things in their ear, pass the fact that he may be a dog.

When are you going to recognize and treasure your worth?

What happen to common sense, knowledge, and wisdom our ancestors passed to us hoping we would use it today and carry on their legacy?

Do we need to be reminded our African American’s walked these very streets to give us our freedom that we so badly take advantage of now?

Does standing up on the corner makes you feel as if you’re a man?

If so, then I should be the one to inform you that you’re less of a man for it

How dare you disrespect your elders, yourself and your parents, and call yourself one?

Children are walking around using so much profanity I’m surprised they still have a mouth.

The world we live in can be summed up in 1 words “Tragic”

And nothing is going to happen unless we make a change, which is unlikely, don't count on it.








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