The World We Live In


We live in a world where deceit is the only way

Where people can pay for something to…


Granted it has always been like this.

There has always been crime,

There has always been corruption.

The law’s word is taken with a grain of salt.

Catastrophe is everywhere but people choose

not to see it for life is easier if we don’t notice

someone has scars along their arms,

a family can barely survive,

unpunished rape destroys lives,

drugs control all.

Outward appearances are the things that matter.

A waxed record, great grades are good.

The expunged drug charges, cheating are


Even the religious prefer to spend money

on bettering the appearance of a church

than a charity to save lives.

It has become acceptable to curse the color

of an Iphone V instead of feeling blessed

to afford a fraction of it.

We live in a world where Nothing is going

to get better. It’s not.


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