World War 3

Dear World: We are trapped in you, a world of confusionEverywhere is disturbed by the cruel, sick minds of your time You are destroyed Weapons of mass destruction are put into our handsYouth are in tanks, veterans are put in to play once again How can we hide in a world full of evil eyesLooking into the depths of our souls, disrupting our peace of mindInstilling long lasting fear Civilians are being held at gunpoint, immediately falling victimYou can’t be trusted Fear runs through our veins, coldWhy must we live through this ongoing pain? At one point, you were full of peace and beauty from the beginning of time You now have distressingly transformed into Satan’s denHarboring the devils we call our neighbors Red streets scream with agonyTragedies taunt us and become nightmares that lurk in the back of our minds We are entrapped in you Your evil and horrible worldly state consumes and mentally disfigures us I never thought I would live to see the dayBut I expect it to begin soon enough...Welcome to World War 3Ready or not.  Painfully yours,  A terrified and confused teenager 

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Our world
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