A World in Wait


United States

There is a world out there.

People will tell you to settle down,

To get comfortable in one single space,

But there are a thousand more spaces for you to fill,

Waiting beyond the horizons of what you already know.

When I close my eyes,

My mind runs away from me,

Picturing myself in those spaces,

Watching the inconsistency,

The incomprehensibility of the world that is out there,

And falling in love with it.

For a moment, I am riding a river as it cuts through the earth.

And the next,

There are desert sands at my feet.

My voice echoes within temples built to worship the skies,

And camera shutters click in frenzy

At the sight of street vendors and palaces alike.

There are people out there,

With different passions and different stories,

People who have never thought the way that you do,

Who are so inimitable that I dream of meeting them all.

There are new cities with new skylines to see,

Ocean waves that have not yet lapped at your feet,

Mountains to climb

And strange foods to taste,

And maybe you will hate them when it is all said and done.

But the possibility of discovering them,

Of exploring them, and knowing them,

That is a prospect at which I am in total awe.

That is something to distract from the limitations of the present.

That is something extraordinary, and wonderful.

Because no matter how much pain I feel here,

There will always be a world out there,

Waiting for me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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