The World With Us And Happiness


The world is one big place
with so many niches and spots.
How can you fit in with the human race?
You feel excluded, isolated and crude
with no one to care what happens to you.
It just seems that everyone is so rude.

It may seem like a dark and scary realm
where everyone is pitted against one another
and causes you to be overwhelmed.
With a deflated heart, you start to give up.
Then a small, bright spark enters the realm.
Its a friend who tells you, "Don't give up no matter what."

"The world may be a hard place," he says,
"But that doesn't mean you are meant to be swallowed up in it."
I say to him, "It is scary and cold and a mess."
"So it is," he says.
"How will I be happy in a world like this?"
"Your happiness will come once you've accepted the world as the way it is."
"Where can I be happy where no lions show their fangs and no snakes give you their threatening hiss?"
"Ah,my dear friend," he says, "Happiness is found when you accept the world and open your heart to the goodness that it holds. Trust me my friend, happiness will come. It will come once you've decided to see the good in the world, and it will do good things for you."


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