The world today

Generations killing generations

with all this discrimation and hateration

I wonder whats going on like Marvin Gaye

and see how people kill each other everyday

Martin Luther King Jr said, "I had a dream"

now, it's not what it seems

Malcolm X said "by any means nesscary"

And a chip on your shoulder is what you carry

Rosa Parks stayed on the bus

and now we yell and cuss

so where do we go from now?

Mother killing brother instead of guiding them in life

or mothers turning to drugs and leaving children to fend for their lives

and whose suppose to care?

oh, but i forgot that word is so rare

because everyone is for themselves , all for one and none for all, and thats how it seems to today

but whose to say

government taking from the poor and giving to the rich

all we need now is a hit and miss

sending outr young men out to war

just so they wont ne in their hair anymore

girls, so into boys that they let them control their hair and their clothes

telling them whats hot and whats not

telling them whats sane and whats lame

so whose in control?

seems like no one anymore

and there is so much segraegation instead of intergration

which is something we need

but now all people worry about is being in the streets

gun toting, weed smoking, head busting is what they say

but when are we all going to realize that it shouldnt be that way

but if the ones cared stay and try to correct their ways

someone will always have something to say

test set up just so you can fail and there is no way of getting out so you cant bail

because of these test schools greatly fall

and there is no one to stand up for them at all

and if its the test that makes us fail

it seems as no one can tell

they take the smart from the underachieved

thinking they sloved the problem they seen'

but what problem have they solved if the eye is so keen

schools failing and no one is taking a stand

but your suppose to stand up for your land

but whose going to take the stand

not the ones who tough, not the thugs

not the ones walking around with the mean mugs

and you have nerve to call me crazy

everyone is

it just take others longer than the real ones who is

so dont walk around acting stank

and do think

for one second you're better than me

because you got it bad just as everyone around here you see

and if for once you go the distance

youll go somewhere

why you stare

and talk about everyone else and what less they have than you

im thinking thats not cool

because if it was you wouldnt fuss

youll help instead of trying to step on everybody

making yourself look like somebody when in reality you look like nobody

all in the same but you call me insane

but i have a brain

and im using it

playing music, writing poetry, telling stories of where i been and where im coming from

and maybe you can get some of the knowledge and think about it

and make it fit into your mind filled with nonsense you still dont understand

and plan what your next move is instead of solving problems with your fist

and listen and if you didnt you missed out

and if you did take my words with no doubt

take em use em but dont abuse em

and stop killing this generation of discrimination, hateration and contamination

of words you think is right

and stand up for the right things and fight

fight for the rights and not the wrongs

think about what i said but dont take these words to the head

I think you for listening

remember say what you feel and always remember the concept of be real


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