The World Today

Do you know the feeling

When your mind starts spinning

And you think you are not even living?

And then your whole world starts crumbling

And a voice starts shouting at the back of your head

Telling you to quit and it puts your mood on a dread

And than you wish you would rather be dead

Because this world we are living in today

is filled with stuff we don't need

but need to pay

Filled with hands clutching at our throat

trying their best to make us choke

Filled with fears which end up in tears

Making us sink so deep down

And unable to think

we blink

In the hope to not shrink

And in the midst of this turmoil

you start to think and you know there's more

Of how this world is so sore

Burning charcoals

Suffocating this blossoms on the soil

Which includes people

trying to live simple

Unaware that their troubles are being tripled

And in this moment I start to wish

Just like how Marthin Luther King started to dream.

I wish I could do something to change the world

more than just sit here and play with words

I wish I could do more than just shop at the mall

or browse my Facebook wall

I wish we would treat animals with care

because I cannot bear the thought to see them being slayed

I wish schools would teach us how to find our ability

Not to kill our creativity

I wish we would show more love to each other

Because love was the first thing we were thought

by our father and mother.

And before I end this confession

Let me ask us a question

What are we doing that's changing the world we are living in?

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Our world
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