The World of Poetry


Poetry is a utopia. There’s no such thing as flaws because right and wrong don’t exist in the world of poetry.You can do the impossible, and be whatever you want. In reality you're a normal person, but in a poem you can be a rockstar, or a princess, or president of the United States. Nothing is false, whatever you imagine becomes a reality. You can’t fail with words. It may not make sense to be a dragon slayer at the North Pole, but who cares about accuracy? Poetry is about imagination. It's  a world for people with beautiful minds. It's a world for bored people. It's a world for people who want to be heard. It's a world for people who want to splat their  imagination onto a piece of paper. It’s a world for people who want to express themselves. It’s a world for people who want to turn thoughts into breathtaking words. It's a world for people who feel alone. It's a world for people who are in love. It's a world for people who experienced tragedy in their life. It's a world for people with relationship problems.  It’s a world for anyone who wants to live in it. I became a resident of the poetry world when I was in eighth grade. I haven't left ever since. I write to cope. A pen and paper become my best friend when I have problems. The paper listens to my deepest thoughts. The complex thoughts become nothing but sticky, dark black ink being written down on a piece of paper. Poetry is like an addictive drug. Writing a poem eases me. I write and I write and I write. It's  my medicine, my way of survival. It's simply my greatest passion.


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