The world is not my Island

Education, thats my motivation!

I got a lot of patience that parallels with my dedication

they got a lot of hatred that parallels to their "professional" impersonation..

stranded with dumb neighbors is like being stranded in an island, LIMITATIONS!

they get tired of failures, I'm burning under the sun

they give up on goals, I'm gonna teach myself on how to hunt

they borrow money, Im picking up sticks

they spend all their brrowed money, I just caught myelf some fish

they go broke again, im eating my only meal of the day

they sign up for  payday loans, I start ripping leaves

they dont get approved, I fell down from a tree

they get the feeling of frustration due to deadline situations, im bleeding but thats not gonna stop me from building a mansion in my imagination

the world is going green because their money is in a recycled situation, where im stuck in an island and i used my struggle for my education

you ask what i cant live without and my answer is my brain

because without it, im stranded in an island where opportunities are not meant to be obtained.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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