The World From A Lion's Den...

Sun, 05/26/2013 - 00:17 -- Wassuhp

Here we go
Insert a multipluous
Multitude of swear words

My virgin ears though
Can’t keep the word flow
I’m drawing out my bow
Squinty eyes Taking aim
Getting Ready to launch the blame

Is this fame?
That we claim?
In the flame?
What a shame

I Check ‘em now and
Feel the red hot sand
Like a brother’s hand
You just got whipped
With a red hot band

It’s got everybody talking jive
All about them taking lives
Throwing knives
Throwing lies
Throwing pies

It’s a Volatile Combination
We’ve all been screaming exclamation
While spewing out defamation

Searching for enlightenment
Feeling our entitlement

We all sit down to settle then
Livin in the lion’s den
SNAP! he’s gone!
The only friend you ever knew
You just never had the darndest clue


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