The World Inside Us

It’s hard to remember anything about beauty when we feel the world weighing down in our stomachs. 

But life is found at the top of a hill looking at lavender mountains,

in the smile of strangers who pass us but don’t know us

in ice cream cones and wishing-wells and fountains.

the world is this place where we forget to see how the trees put fields to sleep with color changing leaves 

or how when winter comes around, the air is quiet and the trees sparkle when the sun wakes them up

somehow, we stopped getting excited about extra whipped cream on our hot chocolates. 

we stopped asking for the free bread in restaurants and for papers to color in. 

we started stepping on street quarters instead of picking them up to make a wish. 

but sometimes we get these giggles inside our tummies and we feel like anything is possible 

and everything comes bubbling out and we look around and realize how good this life really is-

how all the small things we used build ourselves with never stopped being a part of us, and

maybe having the world inside us is what makes us the happiest.


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