The world we know has gone to shit
2019 ended like shit in 2020 I thought there was hope
But Covid-19 popped up N said nope
The year is half gone and the world has shutdown
People dying left and right the media playing on everyone's plight
Stupid Americans who think their entitled panic stricken eating up every word
Not questioning what was said or if theres an agenda
Shelter in place so many out of work masked up gloves on no hand sanitizer to waste
It's all they talked about for months n months
But one a dirty cop peeked into the scene
He murdered George with his fuckin knee
The cop was white George dark as can be
So wouldnt you know it Covid concerns disappeared instantly
People flocked to the streets by the thousands to protest peacefully
That didnt last long it turned to riots N looting
Every color involved with this illegal activity acting like it's for george when really it's about greed
I listen to my daughter in the house that shes at there white bashing this n white bashing that this house full of black
Talking shit about racist as white people this n white people that
Saying racist shit like all white people are bad
They say white like white is a race it's a fuckin color made up of a gang of different race
What do you mean you say this n that cause all cops are now bad n the whites hate the blacks
I couldnt stand it no more
I had to say to her your half white my dear let me make that clear
So all this stuff your saying with these other blacks Guess what your dad's white your gonna bad mouth me like that lump me in a group because of my color you guys are just as bad
They say they're are like that cause whites were racist first
Like it makes it ok for them to be racist back
News flash a racist is a racist and a racist is a piece of shit doesnt matter white or black
All the violence the illegal shit justified with this hate of eachother
If a white man was killed by a black cop they wouldnt have cared
There would be no protests nobody would care
Black lives matter they say over N over
I have news for you all lives fuckin matter who cares what fuckin color
I'm sick of hearing how racist the whites are as you sit there being racist like I said a piece of shit you now are
They say equality for all but want special treatment to help them along
Look at history it's really long all have been on top at one point or another with others treated like less as each race took its turn
We have all been slaves n at war since the dawn of time you think because of technology it's going to change
Fuck no it wont it's engrained in mankind's DNA doesnt matter what you do it'll never go away
We as a species not as a race need to stop dividing and allowing the powers at be to split us up forcing inequality
You think the government wants us to get along if we're divided the power they keep and there agenda works cause you follow like sheep
They know if we come together as a nation as a whole there house of cards held together will fold
Their grip on the people they will no longer keep
As all this division tears our nation apart
I wonder if all of the people acting this way have sat back and thought would George want all this done in his name
He's returned to the light that binds us all in his next life who knows what he may achieve
Who knows his karma could come back ten fold for positive change in this world
The life he was leading was not honorable at all
Doesnt justify his death at the hands of that cop but you he never would have been pulled from the car or stopped if he was leading a life of hard work and morality
You say but he had a family
He should have thought about that before cashing checks illegally
If you put negative energy into the universe you get what you give I guess the universe decided to give cause ol' george is no longer with us but his light it still lives

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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