A World of Harmony


What Would You Change


The world is an oyster with pearls all around,

But there’s a catastrophe within

A catastrophe of sounds.


If I could change the melody of how the wind blows,

I would rearrange the notes

To create a beautiful flow.


I would create a decrescendo to the sound of hunger,

No child would be hungry

Not now and not ever.


I would create a fermata to the gunshot of wars,

No soldier covered with blood

Every man would be cared for.


I would ask for an eighth rest in the wind,

For a moment of silence

For all those who have sinned.


I would be the composer to the new sheet of music,

The conductor of the band

And put an accent on my word’s kick.


The sounds of disaster echoes within the world

I would aim to create a harmony and rid the world of it cacophony 


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