World of Employment

Dear World of Employment in the City,


I miss his feeling of an everlasting escape; a place so free with acres to roam and chase. Each star in the sky was released in a splatter by the painter of the heavens. There were forests and thorn bushes scented of lemons. Every rattle and whisper is a squirrel or a deer fleeing in the mountain high trees. I breathe in a heavy smell of rain and a smile is released. I would rock on the wooden front porch with a book filled with tales of adventure and princes rescuing the princess from the dragon with fire filled scales. And alas I was alone, but company was no matter; I was surrounded by the sight of sing-song birds who loved to chatter. I miss the bliss of the independent getaway of a cabin in the woods.


But you, you’ve raced me home from my vacation. You’ve ripped me away from my solitude meditation. You’ve kept me in confinement in the ear splitting noises of the city. I’ve been taken in custody of the same damn chores and activity. You’ve imprisoned me in the taste of gasoline in the air. The rain is too acidic to touch while encased in this nightmare. You’ve detained me to my perpetual nine-to-five occupation and forced me to endure this invidious migration.

I miss the feeling of an everlasting escape



                                                The Exhausted Woman



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