World of Dreams

In my dreams
Is the only place
I can be with you
Without remorse
Or pain
In my dreams I am full of life
And love
And hope
And home
with you

Maybe that
Is why
I dissaper
Into the night
Curl up
And dream
of you
Next to me
With a smile
And a kiss
Love so evident
in your eyes

It covers me
Makes me feel whole
And alive
You have become
A dream
I am always wanting to seek

Yet I know
Deep down
Dreams is the only place you will be mine
In everyday life we see
Each other
Yet nothing will ever happen

This I know
Cuz it never does
If you look at my past
You will see
That has happened
To everybody
I have loved

All my exes
And present crushes
Will never except me
For me
Maybe for a little bit
You see

But in the end
They all hurt me
Break me
Crush me

So in my dreams
I get lost
In your eyes
Your voice
Your smile
Even your scent

Then reality hits
And I am back to being me
And you are back to being you
Never going to love me
The way I love you
And it hurts
Yes it hurts
But that is something
I am used to

Pain overwhelming everyday
So used to it
It has become a comfort
If I am not hurting
I feel lost

Then dreams come
And I am back to being happy
And the pain free feeling is amazing
But when reality hits
I fall into
And it's so comforting

Pasting on my mask
Becoming a girl
Who is happy
Wishing she were true

This is my life
And I know
I can change it
But if I try
It fails
And I become more shattered
And sad

So Let me sleep
Let me feel happy
Don't wake me from my dreams

Just let me be
This happy girl
I wish I could be

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