the world don't care...............


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the day you came out of your mom's womb, it's that day you were born
when you start day care, all you are is one out of 25 little infants eating rice with corn
when you begin elementary school, you become a number in which you don't want to be on someone's bad thorn
start high school, all you are is an osis number in which all you hear is a faded weak horn
the world don't care about you
sit in a detention room for fighting a kid name Lou
you get through the day without further trouble. as you go home, you cross the street and a car nearly hits you
the car keeps going recklessly as he was heading north on the i-95
license plate reads NOBODYCARES75
laying next to a duane reade store shivering in a small blanket feeling cold
people just walk by and looks at a homeless person in disgust. that was bold
the world don't care
you can be dying in the middle of the block
people walk by to make derogatory comments and mock
the world don't care
a girl being abused by her father escapes to only be label as a runaway
yet she is judge by others in which all she wants is to spend time with dad and play
the world don't care
if you care about the world, then you don't have god in your heart

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Even if just a number, it just makes you try harder to be different. Dont stop, youre doin great.

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