World Cup Fever

Summer's here, but that's not why I'm excited.

I got my flag raised up and I'm ready to see the Finals.

"Of what?" You ask.

The one event that gives a country all the ofthe flory, of which to bask,

It's the World Cup.

It's the one thing that can make the toughest of men cry,

The gentlest of women curse,

The Pope himself take God's name in vain.

It's the one thing that we all go into our backyards and try,

Everything from free kicks to that beautiful header of the "Flying Dutchman," Spain's Curse,

And it's the one thing that makes everyone but Germany cry with disdain. 

It is the World Cup 2014.

It's the one thing that can tear families apart for 2 months,

Pit Pope Emeritus against Pope Interim,

But unite countryman with countryman.

Tears of Red, White, and Blue cry from America,

Gold shines in Germany,

And Losers sulk in Spain. 

It is the World Cup,

The uniter of nations,

The World's biggest outpouring of patriotism, 

And it's about to start. 


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