The World Is Crap!

The world is crap. The endless sounds of voices echoing in our heads telling us we’re not good enough, we’re not pretty enough, all the voices accumulating space in our brain so the only thing we think is this. These repetitive sounds making us believe that, we are fat, we are dumb, we are stupid, we are a waste of space. Crap is the word to describe it. You can’t change what has been for so many years. You can’t change the present, but you can change the future. You can change the way you feel, you can change the way you look at yourself, you can change your point of view. But the thing about your point of view is it’s yours, and you can’t make people believe what you do. However hard you try you can’t change their outlook on life. But you can change the way you look at the world. You can turn yourself upside down, turn yourself around. But the thing you should be turning is the world. You can turn it upside down, you can turn it around. Because you shouldn’t change yourself. This is our life. Our life in 2017. You should feel secure. No matter who you are.

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Our world
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I wrote this poem with my  friend

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