A World Changer


A World Changer

By Kattyana Adrien


They say hurt people hurt people

But they really do not understand the circumstances

Growing up was so hard

Afflictions was my worst enemy

I was molded by the negativity and I became dark

Being overlooked and neglected shackled by the opinions of others

Drowning in the hopes of my people and birthing hate beyond all understanding

Overwhelmed, the beast grew and grew

I was once called the monster, the animal, the savaged one

I guess I lived up to those names

I was the barbarian, the outcast, the black sheep

And I was proud of it although I wanted out

But then there was a light that changed everything

I found peace at that light

Hope, it was the life line to my salvation

I met the creator who created me to be a world changer

My mind could not comprehend this

There was a war at hand and I am afraid my past is winning

You see the words spoken over me were like tattoos, permanent and unable to be removed

But now I have been given the chance to go under surgery and remove those battle wounds

I was always different but did not comprehend why

Introduced to my purpose the day I found Jesus Christ was the ultimate gift

The darkness faded away

The black powdered chalk around my heart became diluted by the living water and washed away

A new creature with a new purpose and perspective

I call it the encounter

The new motto is “Love God, Love People, Love Life”

No longer am I the bad attitude child who hated and despised life

But I am now a believer that is on the rise and ready for my new destiny

Taking my daily bread and sharing with those around me

I am leaving no man behind just like Christ, the disciple

Now I am living in freedom and taking a new stance

I am a world changer



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