World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is an international day that's marked on February 4 and I'll tell you why;

It's to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its treatment, prevention, and detection and that's no lie.


World Cancer Day reduces stigma, raises awareness, and targets misinformation, which is true;

World Cancer Day has been around for years, so it's not new.


To show support for the people affected by cancer, multiple initiatives are run on World Cancer Day;

Here are more things that I'll say.


Diet therapy can cure cancer and what I'm saying is right;

Cancer patients can be black, yellow, red, brown, or white.


Diet therapy consists of minimal animal proteins, a low sodium diet, and high potassium, as you can see;

Diet therapy also consists of juices of raw vegetables, fruits, and liver and I'm speaking honestly.


Diet therapy even consists of an iodine and niacin supplementation;

World Cancer Day is observed in every nation.


When this diet therapy cures cancer patients, their health will be wonderful and swell;

World Cancer Day is observed by at least 60 governments and that's all that I'll tell.

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