In a world built off


In a world built off of hate, some act unaffected

With our backs against the wall, tell me we aren't subjected


In a world built off of hate, fueled by money

Am I a bitch, cunt, slut, or baby today, honey?


Hanging up to dry, hanging by a pin

Never question why, in this game no one wins


Run by greedy pigs, tell me when it's funny

To be your bitch, cunt, slut, baby,

To be your anything, honey


Lay dusty on a shelf as the world spins around,

All used up, dried, then left to fend for ourselves


In a world built off of hate, you're the king, buddy

But we take one step out of line and you're a scared little puppy


So take all of your crap and shove it back up your ass

We won't take it anymore, so don't even fucking ask!


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