The World Around Us



I’m depressed

which is probably normal for a teenager suppressed from any social life

because I balance eight classes, seven school activities, eating, sleep, procrastination and

more sleep.


But that’s not what’s bring me down.

No, what brings me down is the world we live in,

where love is fictive

and parents are outliving their children

because the world is surrounded by hate, violence and greed.


Parents are scared to send their kids to get an education,

because they share the same indignation with 20 sets of parents

who experienced their last breakfast with their little angels

the morning of December 14.

There have been too many people in this world

who have had the ability to look into an innocent set of eyes

and the thirst to kill was still as strong as that child’s will to live.


You can’t turn on the news without hearing about a murder

Or some thug who decided to mug some old women on a corner

A teen who committed suicide because a bully passed the border.

Sticks and stones may break my bones,

but words will always haunt me.


It’s a continuous cycle of hate

that we can’t negate.

Yet our own “leaders” of our country,

can’t even translate

the fact that there are problems in this world,

that we just can’t ignore.

It’s the green light that blinds their eyes,

blurring out the truth,

corrupting us with lies.


Maybe it’s our leaders feeding society hate on a spoon,

As they continue to cede the basic rights of legal same sex marriage.

Macklemore once said,

‘No freedom ‘til we’re all equal’

So I’m looking forward to our sequel,

Where I can live in a unified America.


Society has begun to control us.

Normalizing everything from teenage pregnancy to school shootings,

And just everything that society shouldn’t become,

It already is becoming.

So I’m depressed.


I’m depressed that people care more about spending money to cure wrinkles on their face,

rather than to try and help the human race

by spending that money for research for cancer.


I’m depressed that 9/11 happened, but a little more depressed that

when Osama Bin Laden was shot and killed, people paraded and cheered in the streets

to continue the cycle of hate.


I’m depressed for the next little girl or boy who takes their life

because they don’t feel good or pretty enough to stay in this world.


But most of all,

I’m depressed for our future.

Where test scores signify intelligence

And our minds don’t even seem relevant.

School becomes a battleground,

Home is just the same.

Lullabies turn to gun pops,

It’s only us to blame.


Violence will get out of hand,

Kids will forever sleep.

All anyone really needs is silence,

But this is our new world to keep.



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