The World Around Me

I look around

I see the beauty of the world

As it revolves around me 

I hear all my 30 of my friends calling my name

Telling me to hurry up and come play

I touch my smoothe skin 

For it has not known the name Acne ever

I smell the freshness of air 

As if I had not gone to play in ages

I taste the little juice boxes

The lunchlady always gave for lunch at school


I look around

I see the beautiful things that I thought was supposed to only be at the top of my head

Sprouting all over my body 

I hear my mother say its about that time

And I would laugh because that time never comes

I touch my chest only to find

little mosquito bites starting to poke out and form

I smell the scent of my armpits 

Needing more air to breathe 

I taste hot chips and candy all the time

because thats all that used to fill me up


I look around

I see my little friend on my forehead 

Telling me whats up girl you might want to pop me tonight

I hear my bell ringing 

Its time to change classes

I touch my phone 24/7

because that is the only thing that keeps my occupied on my downtime

I smell the air and for some reason it sometimes smells different

And like my momma said "its about that time"

I taste the air around me

Its it filled with fake and dishonest people without good intentions


I look around

I see myself

I have changed

I hear the way I talk

It has changed

I touch my body 

It has changed

I smell myself

It has changed

I taste the air around me

Come to find out thats the only thing in my life that hasn't changed


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