The World Around


United States
47° 40' 18.966" N, 116° 42' 27.6336" W

You see this beautiful light that greets you into the world, you find love in the arms of someone you'd think is an angel. Screaming and crying for attention when you already have it all, wanting and wanting you still have it all. Suddenly you're old enough to walk and run, fall down and stand back up. You start school and make friends and meet bullies. Those bullies unfortunately never seem to leave, intact they grow worse as you grow older. You're able to act on your own slightly now and you see a glimpse of life. You try things, you pressure and get pressured. Losing friends, gaining friends. Rumors spread and tear you down, rumors spread and build you up. You have your first kiss, first dance, first boyfriend, first fight, first breakup, first heartbreak, first love.. First everything. Then you have your lasts. You never know when that'll be, for people can take your life at anytime, you may even take your own. Society sucks, the economy is rough. If you make it middle aged, you may be doing something right. You're getting weaker with every day, week, month, year. Won't be long till you're grey. You have your lasts approaching now, you see this beautiful light that leads you out of this world.

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