In a world alone...

Sreaming won't help me.

No one would hear me.

I"ve been shouting for years

but, no one listens.

No one understands,

they don't understand me,

how I operate,

how my mind jumbles

how my heart is weak

they dont me.

They don't ask the questions that need to be answered.

They don't know

They don't know me..

the hate for myself

the insecurities

the anxieties

they don't know the state of mind.

of my mind

and how time...passes.

but i'm still here,

by myself.

The entire wolrd has left me.

How is that?

How is it that I'm always by myslef?

Does no one have my back?

or do I lack

cause my heart is black

and I stack

I stack tears

to show my fears

of being alone

Am I not grown?

cause like a baby I'm crying

and lying to myself i'll feel alright.

maybe one night

the sight

of my face

won't disgrace my eyes

and maybe the lies I  tell myself will stop.

Stop, drop and, roll cause the fire in  my vains

are causing extreme pain and

I can't take it anymore.

I'm tired

I'm lonely

I'm tired of being lonely.

I'm scared

of the share,

I have in being to myself.

I push people out,

out of sight out of mind.

But am I fine

Is there a line between ok and fine?

Cause I'm not fine.

It's clear

my dear

I hear them talking

and walking


but I stay standing,

standing til I drop to my knees

and I pleed...

I'm pleading to

stop bleeding

cause i'm needing..


I can't

i can't do this

I've lost

I cant' hold it in...

I give win..




























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