This World

If I could change something, it would be this world.

            We think

            We think not to better ourselves, but to try and beat someone else out

            What is wrong with this world

            We do not try to help out fellow human, instead we try to tear them down

            Black, White, Blue, Green what is the difference

            To me all I see is a world created by hate a jealousy

            Why can’t we just live happily

            Why must there be war

            Why can’t we just be content with the way the world is

            Why do we have to get involved with the way other countries think

            If they are not harming us leave them alone because democracy has faults

            We get involved because we think too much

            Sometimes thinking can help, other times it ruins this beautiful world

            So let’s stop thinking and just do

            Let’s help the needy because it is only right

            Let’s help the wounded because they need help

            Let’s help everyone and stop thinking

            That’s the world I want to live in



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