This World

Wed, 11/13/2013 - 16:53 -- yangfam


The world is round, there is no denying, you can sit on the ground and keep smiling, while everything around you is quickly dying. Look up at the sky to find some answers, quietly laying there thinking about your lovers, the air seems poisoned, nothing is clean and pure in this world where people live with fear. Observing the lives of others, you see yours is no better. This world is so cold, because everyone is searching for the precious gold, losing their moral sense just to achieve living large, looking down, they see all the blood and corpses that was used to build their stairs to get to the top. Life is unfair, you may think, but it is not rare to find others like you that is at the bottom of the rank. Closed your eyes and soaked in all your emotions, because this world has yet a whole lot more of confessions. This world is the lesson.

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